If you were taken by the OnagoFly drone’s Indiegogo campaign, you are not alone and you’re in the right place. This is a resource to hopefully get some help in your quest for a cancellation, a refund, or replacement of the OnagoFly drone.

I stand by every word I write, which is why the crazy amount of hyperlinks. Proof that this is not occurring in a vacuum.

Some history: I ‘backed’ the project in mid-December 2015 after I got a promoted ad while doing some Christmas shopping online. As an experienced drone operator (DJI Phantom 3 is my drone-of-choice, but living in DC’s NFZ means little convenient flying time), I was taken in by the backer video; amazing visual quality, smooth control, a ‘follow me’ feature, the toss-and-fly option, obstacle avoidance. All in a FAA-allowed small drone that would not require registration or certain restrictions.  The expectation was it would ship in March. My credit card was charged in early Janaury 2016, once the initial phase was completed. They continued to sell as an ‘InDemand’ campaign through Indiegogo until late May 2016, despite not meeting original backers goal dates.

It became clear after the campaign ended that something was wrong. When the first backers received the drones, problems arose. The video was alleged to be faked; a much better drone with higher quality camera was used in the video to capture the drone’s POV. The obstacle avoidance did not work. The app to control did not work across multiple platforms. GPS issues, it would not maintain position. Follow me did not work. There were latency issues and WiFi failures. The ENTIRE TIME these issues were being reported, Indiegogo continued to let the InDemand campaign continue, while OnagoFly continued promoting the drone with false and deceptive advertising.

Shipping in March became April…if you were lucky. It seems there was a fuel stick issue, as well as other accessories. If you only ordered the Basic Drone, you got it first. Various web sites and YouTuber’s complained about the lack of quality, the poor app, GPS interference and a challenging battery situation. The “up to 15 minutes of flight” was not even close to being met (and still advertised as 15 minutes flight time). Not only was getting to the battery a difficult process (there’s no ‘on-off ‘ switch, you have to manually open it up and disconnect a tiny connector), but the battery was shown to be much less powerful than (still being) advertised. These are also LiPo batteries, similar in kind to those causing Hoverboard fires. There have been many reports of heat building up around the battery. Almost comically, it was around this time they announced a box redesign so the box would look better…all while shipping dangerous products.

April became May, in which some backers were told ‘by June’. The fuel stick issues had been rectified somewhat, with 2 5000 mAh sticks instead of 1 10,000 mAh stick (I can find 10000mAh power sticks pretty much everywhere, OnagoFly could not). They continued to ship drones to some people, and the complaints were universal. It did not do anything it promised. It did not do what was still advertised. It was a sham. Suddenly,  suspiciously positive reviews started popping up, possibly from their social media partners, Rain Factory.

The Indiegogo message board was on fire. People were begging to cancel. Trying to get an answer was impossible. They couldn’t even supply replacement rotors for the ones that were breaking due to low quality and errant, uncontrollable drones and crashes. There was no support, despite bragging about how they had increased support and tech staff. Customers were furious about tracking numbers that didn’t exist, tracking numbers that showed delivery when it wasn’t, and an issue where backers emails and addresses were leaked, a violation of Federal law.

Indiegogo said once money was transferred, they were pretty much done. Once OnagoFly had their money, they hid behind Indiegogo’s ‘no refund after funding’ policy.  Despite broken shipping dates, violating FTC’s “30 Day Rule” for the ability to cancel delayed products, no refunds were being entertained. Despite violating several of Indiegogo’s Terms of Use, the campaign continued. Perhaps the biggest red flag came at the conception of the campaign; the official email address for Acumen Robot Intelligence, the parent company of OnagoFly was AcumenRobot@gmail.com. A generic gmail account for a company that was planning to sell consumer products? The sense that this was a scam deepened. A mysterious Sam Tsu was said to be the campaign creator, but his email was also that gmail account, per Indiegogo.

In June, I was told that, despite trying to cancel the order on at least 8 occasions, it was in fact shipped to me from China in early May. I never received the order; had I, I would have immediately declined and returned to sender.  Yet again, more #OnagoLies.

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