20% + 4.4% = bullish!t refunds

I got two emails today from people excited that it seems that their refunds are moving ahead…but also perplexed about a new fee deducted from the refunds.

We already knew about the 20%  ‘restocking fee’. It breaks down to the 5% Indiegogo commission fee, and 15% “to the factory in China”. I said earlier that this  smacked of OnagoFly and Acumen Robot Intelligence’s plan to not lose a penny in this venture. It is us, the consumers, taking all the risk. Today, even more proof of that.

Apparently,  there’s a new fee for non-US customers. IF you’re lucky enough to get approved for a refund, you can now expect an additional 4.4% plus .30 USD withheld from your refund.  According to an OnagoFly email, this is to cover ‘bank transfer fees’.

As far as I know, this additional fee has not been communicated on their website. It hasn’t been told to individual customers in advance. In addition to their history of terrible communications, add surprise fees to the list of complaints.

This all comes on the heels of learning they raised $3 million in Series A funding. That’s in addition to the $3 million or so from the Indiegogo campaign. $6 MILLION DOLLARS! And this is the product and service they provide. Keep in mind, they’re advertising OnagoFly 2.0 in China. Absolutely disgusting.

If you have to opportunity to cancel and get a refund, take it, even with the additional 4.4% reduction.  A 75% refund is still better the losing 100% on a drone that has consistently been proven to not function as advertised.






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