About That OnagoFly Firmware Update…

A kind reader sent me an email that he finally got a reply to about the ‘pending’ firmware update. They sent a link to a MediaFire-hosted package and instructions. I’m not posting the link, because 1) I want no responsibility for screwing up these bricks more than before, 2) frankly I’m tired of doing more communications than this fraud of a company, and 3) my anti-virus software basically had a seizure while I was there, with popups, malware and all sorts of crap. BE WARNED!

While the upgrade is small (~8 MB), you’ll be hard pressed to install it. It is ONLY compatible with Windows XP and Windows 7. XP began it’s sunset in 2009, while 7 ended it’s support in early 2015. I’m sure the number of people still on these platforms is minuscule, even in developing territories. And how many people have given up on PCs for tablets? This from a tech company? It’s shameful.


IF you are lucky enough to still have one of these platforms and can install the upgrade, there’s no guarantee it will work. First off, you may have to reformat your memory card to FAT or FAT32 to load the camera update. THIS WILL DELETE ALL INFO OFF THE CARD! That’s a point they don’t make in the instructions (but your PC should tell you). Second, if it does work, they recommend updating the app to the most recent version….from June 2016. This has issues written all over it.

In the FAQs, there’s an interesting passage:

Q: When I update the “ONAGOfly.ong” file, the computer is down suddenly and the upgraded process is interrupted. What can I do for it?

A: You can restart the computer and restart the upgraded process.


So….whatever is in the file may cause your PC to reboot….but not on the restart? This sounds like you’ll be a loop, and may ACTUALLY DAMAGE YOUR COMPUTER BECAUSE THEY CAN’T WRITE CODE CORRECTLY!

The PDF is here: ONAGOfly Series-Firmware Update Guide-0630

They don’t say what upgrades are in the firmware update like most companies do (hello, iOS updates), so it’s not clear EXACTLY what’s in here. I can’t say to do or not to do it. But, the best firmware in the world can’t make hardware operate beyond it’s limitations.





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