An Open Letter To Indiegogo

This was sent to Indiegogo yesterday. I will update with response when…and if…it is received.


I am one of the over 16,000 customers who purchased an OnagoFly through Indiegogo. If you are not aware, the OnagoFly drone bragged about over 17,000 sold and $3.5 million raised. It promised many features of existing drones, and it was not a first-to-market item. The drone turned out to be a complete failure on all levels.

Issues were raised very early on in the process. The backer video included fake, deceptive and manipulated footage. Multiple shipment delays, including breaking their own ‘guaranteed shipping in March 2016’ promise. Poor quality. Uncontrollable drones, a dangerous situation. Complete lack of support, with both emails and calls ignored and not returned. Some even report drones that won’t charge or last only minutes. All this in a drone that contains a LiPo battery, similar to those implicated in hover board fires and injuries. ┬áSome even report the drone flew away, uncontrolled, never to be seen again.

What does Indiegogo plan to do to help YOUR customers that put their faith in you? We trusted that a certain amount of vetting had occurred. If vetting was completed, what are your criteria? As a consumer product manufactured by a consumer company, the lead campaigner Sam Tsu used the email ‘’. A gmail address for a company that hoped to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars? This didn’t strike anyone as odd? The address given is in Delaware. It is simply a point of service address for the forthcoming lawsuits. The lack of clarity into who or what this ‘company’ actually is is very disconcerting. Again, we TRUSTED Indiegogo to have done this before endorsing this project. Instead, it feels as though you were only in it for your commission.

We asked for your help. You ignored us.

I can honestly say that this experience has caused me to never consider using Indiegogo again. While I was accepting of a risk, it appears OnagoFly was not ( as evidence by their constantly changing refund and warranty policy, though it includes a withholding of the 5% Commission paid to Indiegogo, among other fees), nor was Indiegogo. By risk, we were treated to a video that purported to show a working prototype with a high level of quality; had that action not occurred, perhaps expectations (and funds raised) would be much, much, much lower.

If you don’t protect customers, while providing an environment for scams, bad actors, and fraud to occur, how do you expect grow, let alone maintain your business?

Jay Boucher

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  1. This is an excellent letter.
    Indiegogo are very culpable in this affair and their responses to me and others have been totally inadequate.
    I won’t ever go near them again and this whole affair has soured me to crowdfunding.

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