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For some reason, Indiegogo hasn’t acted on a single issue with the OnagoFly campaign. They very happily took their 5% commission, and then said ‘too late, once we hand money over to campaigners, you are SOL’ (paraphrashing here). We’re then at the mercy of OnagoFly to get a refund, but you probably have a better chance of getting Hamilton tickets…and even then, that won’t cost you a 20% restocking fee.

More concerning, Indiegogo apparently doesn’t read it’s own comment pages. There are some legitimate cries for help on there…yet nothing. Radio silence. There’s an occasional reply from Colin, which may or may not make sense or even address your issue, but at what point does Indiegogo get involved. I feel they are being complicit with this scam, and don’t have our interests at heart.


Here are some comments from just the past week….

Screenshot (76)


Lots of similar comments about GPS not working, without a lot of answers or fixes from OnagoFly. Remains to be seen if this is a hardware or softwear issue; if softwear, updates may address the deficiencies. If it’s hardware, a firmware update may help, but the best firmware in the world can’t make something go beyond its’ capabilities.


Screenshot (76 1)

No one is happy about the 20% ‘restocking fee’. From what Colin explained to me, 15% goes to ‘the factory in China’ while 5% covers Indiegogo’s commission. Basically, they are not losing a penny on returns/refunds. Doesn’t help my case that was a scam from the get go; they assume no responsibility, liability or risk, while we assume it all.

Screenshot (77)


A two-for! Yet another unhappy camper with tracking number issues. FedEx provides tracking; USPS provides tracking; even Amazon provides tracking, and sends me a text the second it touch down on my porch! So why are there so many issues with their tracking system? I think a great requirement for Indiegogo is to ship only via a 100% tracking compliant shipper. May cost more, but thems the breaks. 

Second, more GPS and control issues. Is there any QA going on with this product?

Screenshot (78)

Unhappy posters! First, I don’t understand Colin’s response. It makes absolutely NO SENSE. If this is the level of customer support you are going to provide, please know that it is not acceptable. Second, OnagoFly has been very shady about refunds. Here’s more proof.

Screenshot (79)

I think roehre30 is telling you he’s having difficulty Colin…pay attention.

Screenshot (80)

Good point. Where are the stretch goal items? Or were they just ploys to get more money?

Screenshot (81)

Many people complaining about 1 or more dead motors. As per OnagoFly tech specs, the brushless DC motors have a 5000 hour lifetime. Even if you got a full 15 minutes out of the battery, that’s thousands of flights.  Broken rotors are to be expected, even with high end drones unfortunately. But when it’s an uncontrollable brick, chances are your going to go through rotors fast, and risk damaging the shell, frame and motors.

Screenshot (83)

More tracking issues. I could do a whole post just on these.

Screenshot (84)

Lack of QA/QC and shoddy product construction. If they wanted to go cheap to maximize profits, it looks like they did. This is a hazard! Anything with electricity that isn’t properly made runs a HUGE risk of causing damage and injury.  Look at the recall for poorly constructed LiPo batteries (the same in the OnaNoFly) in hoverboards. 

Screenshot (85)

We all had higher expectations. 5 minutes though is really unacceptable.

Screenshot (86)Poor communication yet again. 


Screenshot (87)

This really angered me. NO WHERE did it say ‘Free shipping to US (except Alaska and Hawaii).  Free shipping to the USA means all 50 states, Sam.  We already need to give you lessons on business management and electronics, we can certainly add geography to the list.

Screenshot (871)

Poor Harold. He got a lemon out of the box. It of course took multiple postings to at least get an RMA, but remains to be seen what comes of that.


Screenshot (90)

This one hurts the most. You have to use GPS to use it’s much-touted Follow Me feature. This guy did, and off his $259 went. Can you imagine if he was near people or property? Not only would he have hurt someone, HE would have been liable, not OnagoFly. 

Indiegogo: how this business model is legal, let alone sustainable, is beyond me. You have a responsibility to your customers to ensure fair practice are adhered to. Without us, your 5% will disappear quickly.



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