Supporting Documents

These are just some of the screenshots I have. On the Indiegogo board where the company can communicate with buyers, they don’t date anything, just “XX days ago”. I have the dates from emails alerting us that there was a new message, those are annotated. (These are from 6.13.16)


A: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) claiming “Orders placed now will begin shipping in late February 2016. Preorder Now for guaranteed delivery no later than March 2016. Guaranteed delivery guaranteed by OnagoFly”

Even IF my drone was shipped, I was not shipped or received in March 2016. Still posted on that site.


B: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/)  claiming “ONAGOfly outperforms in it’s category and provides 15 minutes of flight time, which has been widely reported to be inaccurate. They continue to deceptively advertise this item, knowing it doesn’t meet that threshold.


C: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) More claims of March 2016 Delivery


W:  From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 12.15.15-current Still proclaining ‘Pre-order now for Gauranteed (sp) March 2016 delivery” . Again, it was not delivered in March. Or April. Or May. Or June yet.


X: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/)  12.15.15-current The site clearly states “Buy 1 ONAGOfly, save 13% Includes….” I BOUGHT this item, as per their description.


E: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 3.1.16 “All orders will be shipped in late March” (their emphasis). Proven to be wrong.


F:  From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 3.23.16 They accidentally uploaded the wrong version of their app. There is consistent lack of attention to detail.


G: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 3.23.16 They admit a  challenge in the fuel stick (portable battery charger) and decide to offer 2 smaller, less powerful sticks to equate to the larger one.


K: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/)  3.23.16 “As of March 21st, the ONAGOfly team is shipping orders. All orders placed from December 8th through February 4th are expected to ship by mid-April. T-shirts will ship separately with an expected shipping date in late April.” Again, another missed delivery deadline.


H:  From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/)  3.29.16 Fuel stick update “In our last update we told you we’d decided to go with a 5,000 mah fuel stick instead of a 10,000 mah fuel stick. After discussing internally and listening to your feedback, we’ve decided to offer TWO 5,000 MAH FUEL STICKS (emphasis theirs) for those who are eligible and ordered a 10,000 mah stick.” They make it sound like they’re doing us a favor for honoring their original item for sale.


J:  From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 3.29.16  The obstacle detection video proclaims “Do not try this” as the obstacle avoidance does not work as described.


L:  From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/)  4.6.16 “Our goal is to have all orders placed before February 4th shipped by April 20th” (emphasis theirs) Again, a delay, more than 30 days (FTC “30 day Rule”) with no option to cancel.


M:  From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 4.6.16 “We’ll b sending you a tracking number when your product has shipped. These confirmation emails will arrive 48 hours after your product leaves our warehouse”. Widespread complaints about inaccurate tracking numbers, phantom tracking numbers for shipping that didn’t exist, and for em a claim it was delivered when it was not.


P: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 4.6.16 Customer Service They are unresponsive, with it taking days to respond to emails (if at all) and only voicemail for the telephone.


D: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 4.16.16 Packaging update. They change the packaging, while ignoring complaints about function and safety?


N:  From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 5.19.16 “At this time and according to our manufacturers, all orders placed before May 1st will be shipped out no later than June.” (emphasis theirs).


Q:  From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/)  5.13.16 “We aim to ship by the end of May. Due to shipping time, we estimate backers will receive their drones in June” (bold emphasis theirs, italic mine). My expectation was that it would come in June, well behind the March shipping date, which voided the contract due to FTC’s “30 Day Rule” for allowing consumers to cancel if an order is delayed more than 30 days. (Ironically this is the day OnagoFly claims my product was delivered)


R: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 5.17.16 Despite failing to ship an item as described, that did not function as described and was unsafe due to lack of control, they continued to sell via Indiegogo’s InDemand capaign. They continued to promote the product as having features that didn’t work, battery capacity that did not meet OnagoFly’s claims, and hadn’t satisfied original purchasers.


S: From OnagoFly’s Indiegogo page (–2#/) 5.24.16 “Our main priority right now is ensuring all backers not only receive their product, but a  product they are satisfied with” (emphasis theirs). They have not shown that they are responsive to questions or issues, or work towards a satisfactory outcome.