From Bad To Worse…

Apparently OnagoFly thinks blaming ME for their problems is the way to go.  A follower sent an email he received from ‘Colin’, where he states “You might saw lots of the negative comments from Mr Boucher but the truth is he never did pilot the drone himself. Well, he may collect some feedbacks from our backers. But flying a drone is not easy like hit a button and the drone will all go automatically.”

Screenshot (115)2

Actually, Colin, that’s how OnagoFly portrayed their product. “Toss and fly” I believe the feature was. Right?

Colin Guo is right about one thing; I never did receive the drone, which is a common complaint. Said it was delivered but it was not…which is the same complaint the reader had. His shipping showed delivery…but he lives in a completely different state. So, more excellent work on tracking numbers. The one I used for the media story was sent by another follower, who basically gave up. It wouldn’t charge, 4 weeks+ of emails and calls not getting returned, he walked away from it.

Colin further goes on to state “I saw videos about DJI inspire, that’s a good drone. But his owner get it crashed within 2 mins and I saw lots of negative comments about DJI Inspire, too but talking to these experienced drone pilot who piloted it a lot, you’ll get the more neutral comments.”


Comparing OnagoFly with a DJI Inspire is like comparing a rickshaw with a Porsche. EVERYTHING about them is different. But if Colin wants to compare, sure. There was definitely some user error and lack of familiarity that those users experienced.  A much more open area might have given them more room to learn and fly. But DJI also has a much more robust guidance system that the OnagoBrick. But let’s not forget Leo’s own comments about OnagoFly’s obstacle avoidance:



“We want to remove that features…it’s not something we expect it to be”. Direct from Leo Zhang’s mouth at 1:26:07


He ADMITS it doesn’t work…yet they CONTINUE to advertise it as a feature, and they have NOT told the bulk of their customers that it doesn’t work. Misleading and deceptive.

If OnagoFly wants to make a bad situation worse, feel free to use me as a scapegoat. Attacking me is probably easier than dealing with the thousands of complaints and frustrated people on the IndieGoGo comments page.  It’s easier than doing QA. It’s easier than working on fixing the issues. But that’s always been OnagoFly’s mission: to take the easy route.

Plenty of OnagoFails on the Videos Page.

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