Great Results For Some!

Some lucky people have been able to cancel and get refunds from OnagoFly. Why? Because they followed us. OnagoFly barely announced their June 16 Google Hangout, and took down their warranty and refund policy shortly after that. But, with some help from us at, they’ve been able to get some satisfaction (minus 20% ‘restocking fee’, which is ridiculous since it’s being shipped to the next victim of their scam customer).

I’m still hearing that PayPal has been the most responsive to refunds (full refunds!) so keep at them. I’ll definitely consider using PayPal in future transactions because of these protections. Of course, I will never use Indiegogo again due to their complete lack of control, care or concern for us, their 5% paycheck.

I have yet to receive the drone; they admitted (on a phone conversation with Colin) that the drone was NOT showing as shipped, so therefore I could cancel and give up the 20%. Well, frankly that sucks. BUT I had to drop my 2nd and 3rd disputes through AmEx and Indiegogo to do that. So I did, and waited…and waited…and waited. Now, they claim it WAS shipped and they’re still looking into it. So they got me to drop the disputes, but then don’t do what they said they were going to do. Ok OnagoFly…it’s been BROUGHT’N.

A friendly reader in the UK has weighed his OnagoFly for us and reports a weight of 143 grams (~5 ounces). It was touted as 0.3 pounds (4.8 ounces) , which it pretty much is. This matters because drones 0.5 pound (8 ounces) and heavier MUST be registered with the FAA for US customers. Many people were surprised by the weight, which made us think we may have had an angle to bring attention to the FAA.

We’re also pursuing the FAA to find out about general ‘air worthiness’ for drones. Drones and quadcopters are a new and evolving issue for the FAA and government agencies around the world. Since so many (almost ALL) purchasers have had control issues, there are specific risks to using this. I’ll say it again: the responsibility is on you, the operator, to be in FULL control at all times of the drone. DO NOT FLY NEAR PEOPLE, PETS AND PROPERTY. EVEN THOUGH ONAGOFLY IS DELIVERING SUB-STANDARD PRODUCTS, IT IS NOT WORTH THE RISK TO FLY THESE.

So, keep the emails coming. I’m truly touched that people from Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, China and of course USA have reached out with sadly similar stories of deception, lies and lack of communication. It’s heartbreaking when people-for some, the cost of this drone was a significant purchase-get scammed and mislead, and ultimately ignored by a company. We’re trying to stop that.

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  1. Well, mine arrived today! It worked for maybe five minutes, and now it won’t spin any motors at all. The battery is charged, the camera sends video, but the unlock will not even make the rotors burp. GPS is locked, you can hold down unlock till doomsday, nothing. And when I say it “worked” for five minutes, that means it was an uncontrollable buzz saw when it wasn’t deciding to plow into the ground. Mine was missing the big sticker blocking the WiFi module vent holes on the bottom, but it doesn’t seem to have helped.

    Let me know when you get the class action lawsuit going. I’ve already started a dispute with my credit card due to the misrepresented and defective product.

  2. When I contacted the customer support where my drone was as there was no notification for months, they referred me to their website with an automated e-mail and no tracking info showed up when entering my mail adress in its formular.
    More surprisingly, a parcel arrived some days later with my desperately expected OnagoFly.
    I tested it out after reading through the unorganised manual and stopped the uncontrollable drone in its first flight right after some seconds.
    Similar was the second flight when it manoeuvred itself right into the garden fence. This was the last time all four rotors were working – now when unlocking in the OnagoFly-app all propellers start rotating but the one not rotating smoothly like the others when manually spinning them stops while only the three keep on spinning.
    I would exchange the rotor with the ones I got shipped with the drone but there is no documentation anywhere on the internet, neither in the drone’s manual, how to swap the rotors.
    The VR glasses not working as stated in poor English in the manual is another bad story..

    • Hi Malte,

      It appears that there are many, many, MANY issues. As far as self-repair, anything you do to it could void it’s limited warranty. I’d email them and ask to start a return process.

      I can’t figure the VR glasses at all…and when I download the Android app, it’s in Chinese. Literally. I have no idea.

      I actually didn’t receive a manual at all in the one that a follower sent to me. He didn’t receive it either.

      almost 3 weeks ago they promised app and firmware updates. As of today, neither of those have occurred.

  3. Pretty similar results to mine. I was able to fly it a couple of times, GPS didn’t work of course. I was wondering if it was due to my location in Singapore. Then during mid flight, probably my 5th charge and flight, one motor stopped spinning and plummeted from about 10meters in the sky. Once I picked it up, well the motor didn’t respond well anymore. Eventually it’s stopped spinning after the initial ‘burst’ when unlocking the rotors.

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