Happy Friday and a PayPal update

Happy Friday, Fellow Frustrated Flyers! Just wanted to update you on a few new items.


1.  OnagoFly now knows I exist. If that means getting the solution I desire, then all this was worth it. Due to me not receiving the OnagoFly, there’s now a trace by USPS on it that will add even more time to this fiasco. Like I’ve said before, I’ve got nothing but time when it comes to this.

2. A major national news program is VERY interested in this story.  I’ve sent them names of plenty of people that haven’t received it, but I need some people that have. Didn’t fly? Battery issues? Follow Me is more like Run Away From Me? Contact me at OnagoLies@gmail.com with your brief story. I will forward on to the producers.

3. Lastly, a kind reader sent a link to his angry OnagoFly page, which tells you how to get a refund if you paid via PayPal. Honestly I’m really shocked that PayPal offers more protections than the American Express I’ve had for 25 years. Things to reconsider…….

Check it out at https://www.facebook.com/OnagoFly-Get-your-Refund-now-1757018044585175/

Have a great weekend not flying!




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