Last Week Was Complicated…

Not to rip off Nick Jonas, but last week WAS complicated.

OnagoFly wanted to do a Google Hangout with myself and a few other vocal complainers, which was scheduled for Friday at 3pm Eastern. We were actually looking forward to getting some of our pressing questions answers, and hearing some accountability on OnagoFly’s part.

On Thursday, at 3:45 Eastern, they sent a tweet to their 895 followers that they were hosting a public hangout on Thursday at 6pm Eastern. Less than 2 1/2 hours notice, and only their Twitter followers…that doesn’t seem sketchy AT ALL.


We scrambled to make time to attend. Calls and emails to OnagoFly were unreturned about if this was in addition to or replacement for the Friday meeting. I was assured earlier in the week they wanted to talk to a small group of invited people first, since we had background, and feedback that they wanted. WE agreed to Friday, but were sideswiped by Thursday.

The Thursday hangout was a disaster…technical issues, no way to ask questions unless you were one of the 2 people that could ask for us (we put questions in the comments). Full 2 hour video here, my edited down version here, and the moment that sums this whole fiasco up here.

Friday we learned from independent website DroningOn that That Drone Show, which had produced glowing review and how to videos (which they were apparently paid for, so a bit biased and untrustworthy) as well as RainFactory, who managed the Indiegogo campaign and social aspects for OnagoFly had all parted ways with OnagoFly. Read more about DroningOn’s excellent story here.

I called several times to talk to someone at OnagoFly on Friday to see if our 3pm Hangout was still happening, and it seemed not be as, when I eventually got through, was told that the employee I was scheduled to talk to wasn’t there. In the process I was told by another employee that my order had, in fact, NOT SHIPPED, despite assurances and tracking information that it had (I never received it). Under the new refund policy, if it doesn’t ship, you can cancel (subject to a “20% restocking fee” for something that never shipped and only has to be directed to the next person in queue….). I did the necessary paperwork, and now I wait.

Who knows what this week will hold????

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