Some helpful links to websites I may have mentioned:

FTC “30 Day Rule”

How to submit Compliant to FTC

FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (

Indiegogo Terms of Use for Campaigners

Indiegogo Fees and Pricing

How to contact your States Attorney

California States Attorney Consumer Complaint Against Business/Company Form

California address: 

OnagoFly by Acumen Robot Intelligence, Inc

76 Maxwell

Irvine, CA 92618


Nevada States Attorney Consumer Complaints

Nevada address:

Acumen Robot Intelligence

5348 Vegas Dr

Las Vegas, NV 89108

949.208.6894 Petition

San Francisco Better Business Bureau (office that handles OnagoFly’s location)

Facebook Page: OnagoFly Complaints

Facebook Page: How To Get Your Refund (helpful if you paid via PayPal)

Acumen Robot Intelligence Facebook Page (yes, a company that ONLY has a gmail address and Facebook page wasn’t a red flag to Indiegogo….)