So Many OnagoFly Sads…Yet Again…

The OnagoFly updates just make me all sorts of sad. Here’s the most recent one from Facebook…


  1. For a technology company, OnagoFly and Acumen Robot Intelligence seem to have real issues with Facebook Live. Maybe that’s why they don’t publicise these car crashes very widely. (Last tweet 10/26, no mention on Indiegogo, Facebook post shortly before the actual livestream).screenshot-196
  2. If they’re so proud of the 1 Plus, why isn’t there an actual demo? Or at least in-hand?
  3. There seems to be a complete lack of team communication, as evidenced by the surprised look on Nate’s face from Julie that there are no black drones….

4. …so why are they selling black OnagoFly 1 Plus on Amazon? And ebayscreenshot-198screenshot-2005. OnagoFly’s “Backer’s Solution” is a fancy way of saying ‘grifting’.

6.  They ‘can’t” say what the price they’re going to grift charge you, because it depends on country and contribution. It sounds deceptive and shady, yet again. (PS-be prepared for VAT and import taxes again…)

7. They’re “working out an arrangement” and “handling it case by case”. WTAF?

8.  They call the original OnagoFly “beta”. Multiple times. I refuse to call the OnagoFly ‘v 1’ a beta, because we weren’t told it was or sold a beta device. screenshot-201

9. They’re blaming lack of shipment on customers not giving correct addresses, and emailing China with the information. Did that many people actually move in the 9 months this sh*tshow has been going on? Maybe, but I just see lots of blame going on here.

10. Now there’s some convoluted way of filling out 1 of 2 forms or emailing 1 of 2 email addresses and going to ebay and ‘making an offer’ to see what price they’d actually gouge charge you for the something they’re so proud of but have yet to see them use…they’re making it overly complicated, and I actually feel bad for people who aren’t native English speakers to understand this process.

11. The consistent theme is a lack of clarity, direction and consumer friendliness. They know exactly who has and doesn’t have their OnagoFly. THEY should reach out and initiate a replacement or exchange; THEY should be forward-facing on anticipating people’s questions and concerns; THEY should be showing us the product actually works, not relying on 3rd party bloggers and fan boys who got it for free to tout.

I think it’s pretty offensive to not have completely fulfilled people’s orders from a year ago (has anyone seen an actual fuel stick?), while trying to upsell a new one that allegedly does all we thought the first one did.

At the end of the day, this may well be the very best drone ever made….but the company behind it has no idea how to run itself, act ethically, or be proactive, let alone responsive, to customers. That’s reason enough to not believe in them.











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