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Last night, the local Washington, DC NBC affiliate WRC-TV ran my OnagoFly story as part of their consumer affairs division, NBC4Responds. We taped it last week, and was happy to fly my DJI Phantom 3 to show I’m an experienced pilot, and know what I was talking about. I was also lucky enough to have a follower send me his OnagoFly-which, coincidentally, would not charge. The power brick would only light 1 light and get VERY hot. We used that just to show the OnagoFly, since there was no way to fly it.

The reporter reached out to OnagoFly, and didn’t receive any replies to her multiple emails or phone calls.  She mentions that there have been complaints in the Los Angeles area as well, and they are working on a story, too. All this comes as we enter week 3 with people complaining that there have been NO returned emails/calls from OnagoFly,  silence on Twitter since June 16, and no Facebook activity either. There are concerns that OnagoFly ‘took the money and ran’, and I can’t say those are unfounded.

Here’s the link to story and video:





If the video is blocked due to country of residence, here’s a YouTube link (No story, just video):


I tried to play nice, reaching out multiple times to both OnagoFly and Indiegogo. Indiegogo was silent, except to deny 2 charge disputes.  OnagoFly claimed they never received emails, never returned emails or calls, and would not accept responsibility for their actions or deceptions. It is very clear that this was a pipe dream from the beginning, one that we funded.

Now we wait to see what OnagoFly’s next move it. Their reputation is destroyed. Not by me, but by their own actions. By the time this aired, they may have already skipped town to start planning their next fraud.











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