OnagoFly on eBay? Really?

I’ve seen so many OnagoFly units advertised on eBay, Tweets to eBay links and private sites. I hope that anyone interested in these does due diligence and views the reality that OnagoFly has presented. If, by chance, you ended up here through Google or just poking around the inter webs, please consider these facts:

OnagoFly lied to us in a faked promo video.

OnagoFly provides very little customer support.

OnagoFly has a laundry list of excuses for everything.

OnagoFly had a ‘guaranteed March 2016 shipping’ pledge which was not adhered to.

One of OnagoFly’s parent companies is Acumen Robot Intelligence. In setting up the campaign with Indiegogo, the email Sam Tsu, campaign creator, used was ‘acumenrobot@gmail.com’. They did not have a branded company email. It is unclear how significant, substantial or existant Acumen Robot Intelligence actually is.

OnagoFly has had multiple complaints to FTC, Better Business Bureaus, and various States Attorneys.

OnagoFly’s actions have caused their contracted Social Media Management company, Rain Factory LLC, to cease relations with them.

OnagoFly’s actions have caused Youtube partner ThatDroneShow, who received compensation to provide glowing reviews and ‘how to’ videos for OnagoFly, to remove all content and references to OnagoFly from their pages and social media.

OnagoFly shipped products they knew to be defective, faulty, and lacking core advertised features.

Onagofly admitted the Obstacle Avoidance feature does not function as planned or designed, and should have been removed….but NO notification to customers was made. It us still advertised as having this feature.

As of 7/17/16, the promised app updates and firmware updates have yet to occur, as promised over 2 weeks prior.

As of 7/17/16, replacement rotors have been removed from the Amazon web store; this was the ONLY place to purchase replacement blades, and it was for US customers only

Sadly, there are reports of drones simply not powering on, chargers that won’t work, GPS issues, inability to control, and damaged beyond a useable state. Most difficult to grasp are stories on the Indiegogo complaint…I mean comment…page if the OnagoFly simply flying off in the distance, never to be seen again.

Over 17,000 of us fell for OnagoFly’s lies from around the globe, giving them over $3.2 million to create a sub par item. Don’t fall for it. The risk to yourself, other people and property are just to real and high.



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