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OnagoFly posted a Q&A video 3 days ago (months after the campaign ended and some lucky (?) people receiving the drone) and it’s worth finding on their page. If nothing else, it’s kind of a fun propaganda video where they don’t address ANY of the failures that they have (tracking won’t work, poor control, follow me doesn’t work, etc). And sadly, no sign of Sam Tsu!

A few highlights from the video:
~”the refund policy is updated and will be on website soon” (there’s a caveat with that one though…)
~”OnagopFly is a real company”
~”we’re here to help. Give us a call. If you can’t reach us, call again”
~”the high volume of emails takes a while” Can only answer 600 (per day/week/month?)

See the vid that started my campaign against Onago at

Thanks for watching! Keep your comments coming!

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