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As per the hastily-pulled-together OnagoFly Google Hangout on June 16, if the OnagoFly hasn’t shipped, you are eligible for a refund. What they didn’t say is there’s a 20% restocking fee (5% commission paid to Indiegogo + 15% to factory for building the drone). Now, don’t get me started on a restocking fee to simply remove you from a list and add a different shipping label…but with this company, it’s as good as we can expect it. And honestly, losing 20% is nothing compared to losing 100%.

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Check to see if it shipped by going to On the homepage there’s a link to ‘track your order here’. Enter your email, and you’ll get results. Keep in mind, people are still getting phantom tracking numbers and incorrect info, so even if it has shipped and you haven’t received, try the next section anyway. TAKE A SCREENSHOT OF THE INFO IF IT HASN’T SHIPPED!



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  1. Fill out this form completely. Be sure to use your ‘Pledge Number’ and email address used to purchase through Indiegogo. The pledge number is in your account there. Fill out all information, including checking the box approving the 20% restocking fee (grrrr).
  2. Email ALL the following in a single email:
    hello@onagofly  (Leo Zhang runs OnagoFly’s US Operations)
    BCC (if you want me in the loop) and state the following:

    As per your Google Hangout of 6/16/16, I wish to cancel my order of the (OnagoFly ProKit, OnagoFly, whichever your ordered) for ($ amount). My order has not shipped yet, therefore it is eligible for cancellation. Please see the attached Customer Refund Request Form. My pledge number is (fill in pledge number), email ( fill in email) and amount paid (fill in amount paid) by (how did you pay> PayPal or CC)
    Thank you,


Attach the screenshot and the completed form, and wait. It’s probably going to take 3-4 days to get any response…but email all of them again if you haven’t heard anything after that. Keep me in the loop-I love hearing successes as much as I love hearing the new excuses these con artists come up with….


  1. In a perfect world, you’d contact the company and say ‘hey, I’ve got a lemon’, and they’d rectify the situation. Since all they shipped were lemons, well…there’s little you can do. You can try to contact and see if they’ll repair…but keep in mind it’s at YOUR expense to ship back, and they’re replacing it with another OnagoFly. That’s also if they deem the drone defective under warranty conditions. PS-broken rotors aren’t covered under a warranty, even if it was an uncontrollable ascent/descent/landing/mind of it’s own situation. They’re almost 20 bucks  ($13 for 4 blades, $4 for shipping and not Prime eligible) on Amazon to replace. This company doesn’t even have the decency to sell and ship from USA…)
  2. Dispute charge with credit card based on failure to work or perform as advertised.  PayPal has been very responsive to these claims, the credit card companies not so much (based on Indiegogo’s denying claims). Stress that this is a dangerous product that does not resemble the item STILL advertised. For supporting docs, visit  and download all the docs here. Send them in with your dispute. And….wait. It can take 90 days to hear back. But it’s a step in the right direction.

Keep me posted!



  1. I got a full refund(100%). I called my credit card company and filed a complaint. They then did all the work for me and I ended up getting a full refund. Just an FYI.

    • Congrats! Some people have been lucky…others not so much. It seems Paypal customers were the easiest to refund. Something to think about for me for future transactions.

  2. 29th July website-has been shut down.
    Looks like they have done a flyer themselves.

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