The Calm Before The…

Not much new going on. Thought I’d share a few quick things.

  1. There are a few videos floating around on YouTube of the ‘1 Plus’ OnagoFly model. It seems to be a bit ‘better’ (that’s very subjective) but many details remain to be seen. It’s unclear as to how the roll out will be handled, how or if it would be offered to current customers, and what policies would apply to that one.
  2. I’ve seen a lot of encouraging activity from OnagoFly on their customer service side. Several people are reporting refunds are taking place, although it takes weeks once approved and losing out on 20% of original transaction price.
  3. As they’ve explained it, defective drones are shipped back fro your location to California, then on to China for actual repair, then back to California, then back to you. It’s a long process, taking months from what people have told me. Hang tight, they are actually starting to make their way back from what I’ve been told for people that shipped back for repair in August.
  4. Brace yourselves-I’m going to actually compliment OnagoFly. They seem to have actually gotten one thing right, and that’s using Nate for customer service. He really seems to ‘get it’. Keep in mind, he’s only an employee or contractor, and his hands are tied for the most part by Acumen Robot Intelligence/Shenzen/Sunshine/OnagoFly higher ups. As such, please don’t level personal attacks on Nate. He’s stuck doing his job, and I’m sure he’s just as frustrated as we are some days. But I’ve been impressed by his interactivity with people and the more frequent updates he holds on Facebook. Still have a ways to go, but a very good start.
  5. As mentioned by Nate during the last Facebook live event, Leo is planning an announcement ‘soon’. Everything indicates it would be 1 Plus, but who can tell. Maybe the fuel sticks are finally available?
  6. If you want more info on the class action, visit their page.  I’m not connected to it, just a messenger.

That’s that. Fly safe.


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