The End Of An Error.


Sadly, we reached the end of an error (ha ha) with OnagoFly and Acumen Robot Intelligence/ARI. It’s now 1 year since people stared getting charged via Indiegogo for their belief that OnagoFly was a reputable, honest product. After a year, there’s little to no hope of refunds or assistance from credit cards or PayPal. There was little accountability on OnagoFly’s part. There was NEVER any assistance from Indiegogo in this process.

I still get emails from frustrated consumers around the world. They can’t keep up with the shell game that is changing email addresses, ‘backers solutions’, fuel stick shenanigans, ¬†and pushing products that don’t exist while not supporting those already out there. Their games don’t end there…I have received confirmation from consumers that Acumen Robot Intelligence has sent them new models in exchange for positive reviews. Not only is this highly deceptive and duplicitous, but what little trust is eroded even faster. Look at the reviews on Amazon…somehow it’s garnered high reviews, yet only one is from a verified purchases. And as they shift from the ‘OnagoFly’ to the ‘1Plus’, they are trying to rebrand and make people forget what they’ve done.


Our memories are longer than that, though.

What can we do? If in the US, contact Golomb & Honik for information about the Class Action lawsuit. Even I recognize that we probably won’t see a penny, but it’s a stain against them, and a call to honesty.

Don’t support someone who wouldn’t support the consumer. Indiegogo knew that there were issues, yet allowed OnagoFly to continue marketing, collection money and scamming thousands. They only cared about their commission. Personally, I’ll NEVER consider anything Indiegogo related again.

Finally, be vocal. Give honest reviews of your experience when you see it sold. The support they offered throughout the original purchase is indicative of how the company as a whole operates. Our experiences should help guide other consumers. No one should have to go through what we have.

OnagoLies is staying put. They can rebrand, remarket, and forget how they got where they are. But not without the truth following them until the end.







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