The F Isn’t For Fantastic…


I stumbled upon the Acumen Robot Intelligence/OnagoFly Better Business Bureau page yesterday and that was a fun way to spend a half an hour…

They scored an F! In all honesty, the F is too generous but I guess you can’t give an F-minus. Being BBB-accredited doesn’t mean much, to be honest, but with an F rating, it will be almost impossible to remedy. Another plus? This stuff is Google-able, and will stick around for years. I called this a long time ago, but I smell a rebrand coming with v2.0.

There are a total of 17 complaints, 3 of which were for non-delivery which were closed for delivery or refund. The others were, no surprise, about lack of support, quality, and the ever popular ‘No Refunds’ refrain. As of 8.11.16, they didn’t bother responding to 8 (yes, almost 50%) of the complaints. Somehow, I’m not surprised. Again, communication is a mess with OnagoFly.

So what have we learned today? As a reader said to me, “too bad we didn’t know then what we know now”. True, hindsight is always 20/20. But with what we know now, we can make sure they don’t claim any more victims. If you want to add your voice to the complaints, visit this link. It only takes 5-10 minutes. And who knows? You might be part of the 50% that gets resolution!

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