video The ONLY OnagoFly Unboxing Video You Need To See

This is the video that started it all! This is the only OnagoFly Unboxing Video you need to see. The product, as we ordered it, doesn’t exist. From faked backer video footage, to missed shipping deadlines, incorrect shipping tracking numbers for phantom packages, flimsy quality rotors and accessories, this has been a scam. Their “customer service” is a complete joke, but they refuse to give refunds. Let’s put some pressure on them to get their act together and give a quality product, or better yet, refund people that don’t want a dangerous product.
There are plenty of videos on YouTube that show how poorly manufactured this product is. It also shows that it’s incredible difficult to successfully fly. YOU are responsible for damage or injury caused by this dangerously unpredictable toy.
Indiegogo-I’m extremely disappointed in you and your lack of support on this. Won’t be using your platform again.
I encourage everyone to fill out a complaint with the FBI’s Internet Crimes Complaint Center at These guys have created the perfect scam. Let’s show them it’s not right.
Sam Tsu-if you happen to read this and are man enough to contact me, I welcome that. But since multiple emails and phone calls have gone unanswered, i’m not holding my breath.


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