Tips to help you get the resolution you desire:

  • Screenshot EVERYTHING
  • Save all correspondence from OnagoFly as well as Indiegogo
  • Keep a copy of the credit card bill. It comes in handy when initiating a chargeback since most of us paid in January, several billing cycles ago.
  • Initiate a chargeback for failure to deliver or item not as described if you received it
  • Know your rights. Review Indiegogo’s Terms
  • Review the FTC “30 Day Rule”
  • Contact your States Attorney
  • Contact San Francisco BBB
  • Talk to media; there are 17,000+ of us out there who were fleeced $3.5 MILLION dollars for a product that doesn’t come close to what is still advertised.
  • Make your voice heard on social media
  • Keep meticulous records
  • Take names and titles; comes in handy
  • Never “back” something on Indiegogo again, as there are NO consumer protections.